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6.9.2005 Finally update after a long time.
New version of BilboCrypt. Fixed few bugs, added ability to encrypt empty directories.
19.12.2004 New version of Bilbocrypt. Fixed many bugs and added a new feature.
24.11.2004 Links page translated, Scorch Blaster page translated
31.10.2004 English version of this site created.
Note: only fraction of the site is now translated, due to large number of pages (600Kb of HTML), but more of this site will be available in english as soon as possible. The rest of the page contents is currently available in Czech only.

What can be found here?

(currently czech only) Table with summary of all downloadable files on this site.
(currently czech only) Games (for example Make five) and also my deathmatch maps for Quake, Halflife and Doom.
(currently czech only) Various freeware utilities, all of them programmed by me, all of them including source code.
(currently czech only) What to say? Humor :o)
Free CDs
(currently czech only) List of sites, where you can order free CD's directly to your gome - and totally free!
Free stuff
(currently czech only) Other free stuff (books, tapes, etc ...), that can be freely ordered.
Strong encryption program and other cryptography related things.
Scorch Blaster 3D
3D game, something thematically between Scorch and Dyna Blaster.
Multithreaded HTTP webserver for Windows - freeware with source code.
List of all my projects, including the ones not on this pages.
Also list of projects that are under development and will appear here sooner or later....
Links to other pages.

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