Scorch Blaster

Update: 28.10.2003
Scorch Blaster is project, which was my semester project and programming course project.
I managed to complete it as project, but due to lack of time I had to stop further development and some bugs (even conceptual bugs) remained unfixed. Also the code began to resemble ugly ball of mess, adding more and more stuff, getting really mess. I may plan making 3D network game some time in future, but I would start development from scratch and learn myself from all mistakes I made in engine design and these are hard to fix if discovered too late. And I would use C++, not C.
So, for this game there is:
User documentation
List of console commands
and download links:
source.tar.bz2 486 Kb Source code including programmer documentation. 1060 Kb Data, common to Windows and Linux, needed to run the game 289 Kb Windows binaries, unpack to directory with data 124 Kb Linux binaries, unpack to directory with data
sb_oalib.tgz 82 Kb Alternative OpenAL library
To run the game you need to download data and binaries for your system. You download the game and it's source code, which is available under "do whatever you want with it" license.
Although, a warning for all of you wanting to dig into source code: it's quite chaotic and it's rather an example how a 3D engine should not be written.

What is it :
3d game, crossbreed of good old Scorch and Dyna Blaster. (Small people run there and throw bombs on each other)
Game runs under Windows and Linux (porting to other systems should be easy), uses OpenGL and OpenAL.
Game is playable also on older hardware, it was developed and tested on Duron 800 with TNT2 Ultra
Any number of players can play on one computer (althought more than 6 or 7 won't fit their hands at single keyboard, so it isn't so unlimited)
3d engine is my own, written in C, isn't complete and have (now) quite a lot of bugs.
Textures are in JPG and TGA format, can load data from zip files, can load .map format from Quake.
The game is now playable, players can walk in map and throw bombs on each other, walls explode and break into bricks ....
But there are still many bugs.
Worst bugs are in collision detection code - bombs (and other objects, including player) sometimes falls thru wall or floor or bounce a bit strange ...
Another bad thing is speed, game is not optimized and there are some algorithms with quadratic computational complexity (n2), which should be replaced with n*log(n) algorithms (collisions at least), rendering is unoptimized too, etc ...
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