My other projects

Here are my projects, most of them isn't directly on these pages. I am author of all of them (in case of PDF Editor one of four authors - or five if you count project leader)
NameLastí versionDescriptionLink
ExWeServ 0.8.5 Multithreaded configurable Webserver for Windows, simple, but it have many functions [More...](on these pages)
Bilbocrypt 0.95 Commandline encryption program (Windows, Linux)- 4 encryption algorithms and up to 576 bit key. Without password you can't see even number or name of files in archive [More...](on these pages)
Scorch Blaster 0.3.1 Game inspired by DynaBlaster and partly by Scorched Earth. Runs under OpenGL, both Windows and Linux. Development stopped due to lack of time, current version is somewhat buggy [More...](on these pages)
Kecal 0.9 Simple program for speech synthesis written in Java.
PDFEditor (in development) School group project, PDF editor for unix (written in C++ and QT). The work has begun, but no releases yet, project just left the design phase.
NetHack 0.75 Obsolete project (for Windows 3.1) - Nethack is (apart from other functions) recursive web downloader, but it has other network functions. Project is unmaintained from time I realized that by "wget -r" and Perl I can do the same easier and
MTGDb 1.2a Database of Magic:the Gathering trading cards for this game (which I used to play some time ago), with advanced search capabilities. Database contain cards from up to 8th

My other pages

Other my pages not private or on some intranet that are worth mentioning.
Griddlers (CZ)Pages with griddler puzzles. New griddler is added every day
WAP pagesMy WAP pages. Now there is only Minesweeper - WAP game for cellphones
MPVtipy (CZ)My page with jokes database (in czech). There is approx. 600 jokes and it's not actively maintained, I put new jokes to the Jokes page (in Czech) on this site instead
MPVtipy (EN)English version of jokes database, with jokes in english. Slightly different design from czech version.
PokecSimple and fast chat in PHP with history, working without need of a database (if you want source code of this chat, ask for it at my mail)

Other projects will appear as time will pass and I dig them from the deep of my harddrive, finish them, write proper documentation for them and make pages for them.
You can expect them to appear here with source code under GPL license.

What can you expect here in some time:
DirTimes: Program for setting date of directory hierarchy according to last modification time of contained files. Good as tool to find new stuff on harddrive or for synchronizaton between disks.
SpamProxy: Combination of SMTP and POP3 proxy for unix (can be compiled under windows with cygwin) and set of helper filters in Perl to filter out spam.
NHFilter: Branch of Nethack project. Macroprocessor, I use it few years in process of building these pages
Also few VRML models, paper model of passenger wagon "type B" of Czech Railways (now 90% complete) and maybe few Perl scripts

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